Renobal s.r.o. is specialized in custom machinery production of cardboard packaging and inner fillings of boxes for the safe storage of your products. Thanks to cooperation with our partners we can also offer you a foam or soft foam fillings for boxes.

We process high quality materials, exclusively from Czech suppliers.

coated (rigid) boxes

Boxes made of solid cardboard covered with paper with the possibility of full-color printing and surface treatment (varnishing or lamination) in gloss or matt. We also offer coating of boxes with special colored papers. We will be happy to advise you on choosing a suitable cardboard and a coating paper.

corrugated cardboard packaging and fillings

These are mainly industrial packaging for different products. We use three-layer and five-layer cardboard of various strengths for their production. The strength and the width of the waves are selected according to customer requirements and thus a safe transport of a product is ensured.

grids for boxes

Grids made of solid or corrugated cardboards. Our specialty is the production of grids of solid cardboards in which we use a unique production know-how while ensuring high accuracy of required dimensions. We produce grids as a part of boxes or we will deliver them to you completely separately (for example as an accessory to a plastic box). Grids for boxes have a wide range of uses – small grids are used in laboratories, large grids made of corrugated cardboard are used for example in the automotive industry.

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coated boxes

corrugated cardboard packaging

grids for boxes